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I'm Kellie Martin, actress, author and director but most importantly, mom to two incredible little girls. when my oldest daughter, Maggie, was little I struggled to find toys that were safe, inspiring and wholesome. the last thing I wanted to do was put a bunch of plastic and flashing lights in front of my baby's new eyes.

thankfully I discovered ROMP, a store dedicated to respecting a child's work, which is play! the open-ended toys at ROMP helped my child play, learn and experience her world. I was a devoted customer for many years before becoming owner in 2011.

maggie and I handpick each delightful creation on the pages of ROMP. they are truly kid-tested and mom-approved. we hope that ROMP will encourage thoughtful, conscious parenting and inspire you to remember the joy of your own childhood. it goes by fast, let's help our kids enjoy every second of it!

if you have any questions or thoughts about our little company, find us at or 818.914.6217.


kellie & team ROMP