stone soup garden kit

a garden born from the pages of your favorite storybooks!

this sweet little garden kits is a perfect way to inspire kids to get their hands in the dirt (and as a bonus: it'll get them to read as well!). 

based on the beloved story of sharing, the stone soup kit contains an assortment of vegetable seeds (red acre cabbage, little fingers carrot, mammoth melting pea, evergreen bunching onion, roma tomato, blue lake pole bean). these seeds are quick to germinate and easy to grow.

kit includes: recycled US steel case and seed tins, 6 varieties of cerified organic seed, garden stakes, pencil, magic stone in jute bag, 'stone soup' recipe, directions.

pair it with our fantastic hand shovel

dimensions of tin: 1" h x 7.25" w. 

* needs adult participation. best for kids 5 and up.


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